I have been doing westside religiously for almost three years now and love it. I think it is the cutting edge PL principles.

my problem is quite weird: my assistance is pretty strong but my ME lifts are pathetic. I look at other guys' logs and they have similar assistance but WAY stronger ME lifts. so far westside gave me little strength but huge muscle gains, mainly in back, tris, hams, shoulders.

I am low bodyfat 220 and here are some of my lifts:

all raw:

squat 380
bench 330
deadlift 550

GM 420x3
low box squat 10" 315x5
high box 18" 440
3-board 330
cgbp 300
floor press 315

DB rows 130 for sets of 8
skulls 135 for sets of 8
DB bench 90's for sets of 8
DB extensions 60's for sets of 8
pulldowns 200 for sets of 8
surgs 440 for sets of 15
Dimel deads 315 for sets of 20
45 degree hypers 70's for sets of 8
ab pulldown 220x8

I've gained some solid muscle but not much strength. how come my assistance is so much stronger than the ME lifts? or maybe I should put it the other way round: how come my ME lifts are so ****in' weak compared to my assistance?

my ME lifts are the same for months now yet I hit PR's on assistance regularly.

please help, I am confused.

thanks a lot