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Thread: baby got back workout

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    baby got back workout

    hey guys, i am currently on a 5x5 training program. I am thinking about using this baby got back program after finishing the 5x5 program that i am on. But i was looking to know if any of you guys could explain it in simpler detail, as on the sites i have looked at it is laid out very complicated. Also will you see good gains with the baby got back workout??

    any help will be appreciated,


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    What are your stats and lifting experience?
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    i used it before i started powerlifting, and i loved it. it is a great routine.
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    I'm using it right now. It's the best routine for me i've found.
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    its weird, because i was just about to make a topic like this. I've been doing 5x5 since april and i'm pretty much done with it for now. I'm taking a week break and i'm gonna start doing bgb next week. The only question i have about that routine are the exercises with the 5x5. Are you suppose to ramp the weights or do all the 5 sets with the same weights?
    still doing 5x5

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