Hey i just turned 16, weigh 65kg which is 143lbs. I am around 186cm in height (not 100% sure but close to that). I dumbell curl 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs) sets of 4 with 6 reps. I bench about 50kg on my sets of 4 with 6 reps. Basically i have been going to the gym for about 6 months and only have been taking it serious for about 4 of those 6 months since i started going to the gym once a week with the school so for about 4 months i have been going 3 times a week. I am stronger, fitter, and noticebly bigger im just wondering if i should stop concentrating on getting bigger and start toning?
Like i don't want to be a body builder and get to that size, just confused on what i should do. If i start toning my muscle will i start to decrease in size?

another question is i want my abs to be seen more, you can see them since i dont have alot of body fat but i want them to be easily seen and i heard you have to decrease your body fat for them to be shown, what can i do to do to decrease the fat around my abs and also if i start to do this will it affect my muscle size and make me start to loose muscle and strength by loosing body fat. i dont really care about what i can benchpress as i know thats affected by weight.

sorry for all the writing and i thank everyone who responds!