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Thread: squat & deadlift

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    squat & deadlift

    i've been training to get back into pl shape for about a month now (previously trained for two years and took a 6month hiatus) i really don't know what i should be doing about squat/deadlift in the same week. normally i dl monday, and squat thurs. the problem is that i concentrate more on the dl, and now my sq is suffereing

    should i do a me dl/ de squat one week, and the next a de dl, and me squat the following week? any other ideas?

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    That would probably work out ok. Best way to find out is try it for a while and see.
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    there are a few ways to do it. try what you listed!
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    Why not alternate them as well.

    Mon ME DL
    Thurs DE SQ
    Mon ME SQ
    Thurs DE DL

    This way you are hitting ME on the lifts on Monday when you are fresh and doing speed work later in the week, while also alternating the lift that you are "focusing on" for that week.
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