So I've been looking on the web, and there are several programs out there that can claim to help you increase your vertical jump 12+ inches. I know that these kinds of gains are possible, and am wondering if anyone here has expertise or experience with these types of programs.

More than anything else, I'm worried about staying healthy. I've heard about people who have trained and done damage to their knees, for example. Right now I'm also out of shape after coming off of a surgery to fix a broken nose (as well as just being lazy lately) and need to get stronger regardless.

I'm 23 and at 6'1" ~185 I can get up on the rim, and I have huge hands and can palm a ball with like two fingers. I just need to add another couple of inches so that I can dunk for the first time in my life.

A few sites I've been looking at include Air Alert, The Vertical Project, and sites with Plyometric exercises.

Thanks in advance for any help.