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Thread: MonStar1023's 3rd NHE Journal

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    MonStar1023's 3rd Modified NHE Journal

    I have decided to switch back to NHE for good. After trying about a million and a half diets, this is the only one that (1) was easy to stick to, and (2) gave my EXCELLENT results.

    NHE stands for "Natural Hormonal Enhancement," a book written by Rob Faigin. To check out the book or look at the Q and A please click here.

    I also have 2 other NHE journals that did for a few months each. I stopped NHE to give a Cyclical Isocaloric Diet a shot but really didnt care for it. To check out my 1st NHE Journal please click here. To check out my 2nd NHE Journal please click here. To view my most recent, Cyclical Isocaloric Diet Journal, please click here.

    Anyway feel free to post here in my journal with comments/concerns or anything like that. I would really appreciate the support, etc.

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