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Thread: Pics of Gatlinburg,TN SPF

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    Pics of Gatlinburg,TN SPF

    I got my opener at 345.. Missed 1st attempt at 365 came over too far on the lift off and I tried to compensate and well you know how that goes. Took a re-take at 365 and got stuck comming up. Got everything to touch real easy.
    Last minute I decided to Pull. Haven't tried it yet with the new leg untill the meet. I tried the bar, then 135 in the warm up room and it was simple.. Opened with 225 and pulled a little too hard and almost fell backwards. Pulled 325 and had a spotter (Josh) behind me just in case. I got greedy and tried 345 but better judgement came to me last minute like usual and just put it back down as I dont know how much this 1st leg would acutally hold and I was pushing my luck all day. I didn't hit what I wanted to in the bench but atleast I got my opener easily and I now know that I can pull a little..
    Praise GOD! as he was with me all day watching over me and everyone at the meet!!!!
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    Run? Are you crazy? I wouln't even run for the dinner bell! I don't remember seeing running as a part of Push/Pull.

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