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Thread: Proper time to drink?

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    Proper time to drink?

    I was just in GNC browsing around for some protein bars to eat during the day as snacks and one of the people there started talking to me about suppliments and their benefits, etc. This got me curious because so many people tell you that they're not really necessary. He mentioned that taking Creatine, ETS, and Nitrean or Opticen would really help me to gain muscle mass over a short period. So I come home and do a search on the forum and found a post containing the same three suppliments, and explained their benefits.

    My question, should I even decide to test them, is when and how often do I take which one? The guy at the store gave me a very general answer of "whenever you want to take them" but I'd like a more specific answer. Which one do I take and when? Thanks.

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    Creatine is tested and proven to help you increase size and strength, it's also so cheap nowadays (plain creatine monohydrate) that it's worth it. Protein is crucial to recovery and muscle building and repair. Protein shakes and supplements are a staple in most bodybuilding/strength training diets, they are especially useful if you aren't getting enough in your diet.

    The most popular time to take creatine and a protein supplement would be post-workout, when muscles are most depleted and in need of carbs/protein for repair. People also take protein pre-workout as well. A good guideline would just be to get anywhere from .75-1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight throughout the day.

    In all honestly though, save your money and get your training and diet on track first, then look into some cheap creatine and whey protein.

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