This is purely a reflection.

Any weightlifter considering going far in the sport must be ale to train up to 3 times a day comfortably, this process of developments takes years, and I am now being really exposed to high frequency training. For the record I have incredibly supportive and financially secure parents who have agreed to support, house, feed me, and my my fees while I pursue my weightlifting goals well into my mid 20's.

In to the point...

Up till now, double sessions for me had been squats, pulls, and occasionally presses/back work etc in the morning, and then a typical weightlifting session for the second. I was pretty used to this and could cope well on up to 11 sessions a week.

I am now approaching 18 months of weightlifting... I am being held back alot, I know I have more in me than my coach will let me do, but I know it is better I be patient and progress than overshoot and injure myself. However, my coach decided that I have gained enough experience to handle true double sessions without injury. I also have a 2 week break from school, which is ideal...

Last week I finished 8 days, in which there were 14 sessions of snatch clean and jerk squats in all their variations. Needless to say I was feeling crippled. After a few days rest, I am now in the second phase and handling it far better. Fatigue is constant, and by the end of the phases my hands are rubbed raw, and most lifts are down by 20 pounds.

I am coping with it by being very persistent about my recovery, I am eating close to 5000 calories a day, sleeping in between sessions, receiving regular deep tissue massage as well as heat/cold stuff etc etc.

I can not imagine having to work during this, again I am fortunate to have good coaching and my parents. This has given me a little taste of what my future weightlifting will be like, and what the daily lives of some state sponsored athletes are like. In China, Bulgaria, Russia etc athletes are housed and fed, coaching and recovery is taken care of, they merely have to lift... If I am to stand a chance then I have to train under as similar conditions as possible (drugs are a separate matter altogether and the least of my concerns.)

I just wanted to share with everyone, feel free to ask... don't bother asking about specific programming, I prefer not to share that.