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Thread: Pete's Westside Training Odyssey

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    Pete's Westside Training Odyssey

    I've been training using Westside Principles for about 4 months now. Before getting hooked on Powerlifting this January, I was your typical "curls for the girls, no squatting/deadlifting, chest 3x's a week" kind of guy. I've worked out since high school, but never with anykind of serious consistancy.

    Anyway, my first meet was an APF/AAPF meet this past June. I competed RAW at a bodyweight of 214lbs, I'm 23 years old and 5'11" btw, here were my numbers:

    Squat: 364lbs (narrow stance olympic style)
    Bench: 275.6bs (Just missed 314lbs, competed with close-grip as I was nursing a pec strain)
    Deadlift: 501lbs (sumo)

    Since implementing Westside/Conjugate Periodization, I've been pleased with my progress so far. My current best gym lifts are:

    Squat: 415lbs (raw wide stance)
    Bench: 325lbs (index fingers on smooth, still have nagging pec issues)
    Deadlift: 520lbs (sumo)

    I tailored the basic Westside template to fit my needs and so far so good. It looks something like this.

    Day 1: ME Squat/DL
    Day 2: ME Bench
    Day 3: Upper back/DL Assistance
    Day 4: DE Squat
    Day 5: DE Bench

    I have a push/pull meet coming up October 18th, so I'll just post my training from this past Monday on. Next week I'll only be doing light recovery/assistance stuff in prep for the meet Saturday.
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