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Thread: Intro post, need advise

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    Intro post, need advise

    First a little about me
    5'11'' 200lbs
    bench 250x1
    deadlift 265x1 (never really tried more than that)
    squat 225x1(needs serious work I know)

    Started to lift about a year ago, barely could bench 130lbs, I weighed `160lbs.
    Alright so today I went for an adjustment at my chiropractor. He tells me that the squat and deadlift are the worst things for my back and that if I continue to do them an injury is a "when" not an "If". I tried to explain about how form has a major impact on if you are going to hurt yourself but he didnt seem to think it mattered. He tells me that he sees it all the time people coming in with injuries due to deadlifts and squats.

    I have never had any kind of discomfort when doing these lifts so is he just misinformed or what? If these lifts were so bad for a persons back then why does EVERYONE do them?! Please tell me he doesnt know what he is talking about!

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    he's misinformed. go to someone with a real degree and you still might not get the best advice on this topic either.

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    I believe I remember reading a quote by Louis Simmons that went something like.... Show me a completely safe exercise and I'll show you and ineffective exercise.

    IMHO, find a chiropractor who understands having a strong back is the way to prevent injuries.
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