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Thread: Continue bulk or cut?

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    Continue bulk or cut?

    I'm 5'10'', 195ish pounds. I'm doing BGB 4 days a week, bulking semi clean. School started so it was kinda hard for me to exactly keep it 100% clean. I have some muscle but a lot more fat. Here are the before/ after pics... what do you guys recommend? I wanna eventually lean out at 190 pounds or so, about 9% BF. Also, if possible, what BF would you estimate me at now? Appreciate it guys.


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    I think it's time you go for the cut. You look plenty big but the definition is now harder to see. Congrats on the progress you've made so far.
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    Instead of bulking or cutting. I'd say maintain for a few months. Work on your strength over the winter while mabye putting on a little more weight. If it were me, I wouldnt cut, I would just maintain for a while.
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    Bulk while increasing the frequency and intensity of the workouts.
    more protein too.

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