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Thread: High school weight lifting program.

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    High school weight lifting program.

    Hello everyone,this is my first post on the site.My name is Ryan Hale and I used to compete in powerlifting many years ago.
    This seems to be a awesome site with lots of knowledge so I thought this would be a great place to ask a few questions.
    It looks as though I'm going to get a chance to work with the students at our local High School in the weight room.
    Of course the main goal is the bigger/faster/stronger formula.
    I would like to get on a 2 day a week program with the students,with one being our core lifts of dead,squats,and bench.The other day would be our assistance lifts.There is also talk of some of the other coaches to work on speed and agility drills 1-2x a week.
    It sounds as if the weight program will be a morning deal as some of the kids will have practice/jobs after school.

    My main concern of course would be over training for these kids.Do you think 2 days a week on the above mentioned is too much??

    Your honest opinions on the pro's/cons of a good solid powerlifting weight program for these kids and their future in sports??

    And do you think a powerlifting program would benefit basketball,baseball,wrestling,volleyball,etc-not just football.

    I know how I feel about powerlifting and the awesome results you can get from a program of this type.But I would like to present the results of my questions to the staff and faculty at the school.

    Thanks so much for your help guys-bunch of straight up animals on this site.

    Take care everyone,

    Ryan Hale
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