So I have recently been laid off, and judging from my discussions with various recruiters, I get the feeling that it is not likely that I will be employed again in the same industry (finance) for quite some time. So at this time I am contemplating a career shift. I am looking at the various certifications and am wondering which, if any, carry more weight in the industry (I have heard NSCS CPT or CSCS) as the most well-regarded. I also know that for any NSCA exam you potentially have to wait until the next exam date (I am looking at getting the certs done ASAP). So someone else pointed me in the direction of the ACSM certification which you can take at anytime. I have also thought about just getting a quick and easy certification first, getting my feet wet, and then taking the CSCS.

Anyway, if anyone could offer some advice on the above and getting into the industry in general that would be greatly appreciated. I realize that my biggest obstacle will be the sales part of the job (particularly in this rapidly depreciating economy). But I would like to get a feeling for what, if any, weight the various certifications carry. I would also like to add that I would prefer to work with younger athletes, but would defintely take on any client at first, which is part of the reason I am considering the CSCS. Thanks!