Hey there peoples.. I had posted my diet before on here and it was more for a cleaner bulk but now i think ive added enough weight on where I actually want my abs to show so Im going to be wanting to get stronger but at the same time , lose fat that I have.. just like Mike Wolfe did.. Where you are actually eating more to lose the fat... well heres my diet.. maybe someone can help me with the timing of the type of food also..

Morning around 9 i eat a bagel and nitrean with whole milk and take a multivitamin and 3 fish oil caps..

around 1230-1pm i ingest 2 yogurts with fruit on the bottom summing up to 60 g carbs and eat a can of salmon adding up to around 35 gram of protein.. and take 3 fish oil caps and another multivitamin

around 4 i lift and right before i lift , i eat a blueberry muffin and drink a glass of whole milk..

around 530 when i come back from the gym i take again two yogurts with fruit on the bottom and drink a cup of cranberry/pomegranate 100% juice and eat a small white potato along with a protein shake.

around 830-9 , i eat dinner which is around a cup of brown rice and a stir fry of chicken thighs and vegatables. i also take 3 fish oil caps and 1 multivitamin..

sleep around 1030. can i eat something right before bed or not? I need to know certain timing of fats and carbs.. and if im eating too many carbs or not.. alright guys.. im pretty sure u will help me out..

So what do you guys think? I wanted to add ice cream in there somewhere cuz i love chocolate ice cream , but Idk wat the timing i should have of eating before bed or not..