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    Has anyone tried p90x. It's a pretty good functional workout.
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    If you have P90X you can sell it on craigslist for $75 and use that money to get a month or 2 at a real gym! lol!
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    I saw the infomercial the other day - looks like a pretty good beginer program since they incorporate all of the muscle groups and do a mix of speed and plyometric work combined with bodybuilding training. Chins are definitely good and you can't go wrong with bodyweight conditioning.

    The downside is that for many people it is hard to stay motivated when you are training at home and eventually the workouts will not be challenging for you after a couple of months.

    For someone without much experience who is looking for a safe basic program to get in shape I think that P90X would work well based on what they show in their advertising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parabellum View Post
    It's a pretty good functional workout.
    Functional for what? Working a desk job? Taking out the garbage? Carrying shingles up and down a ladder? Fixing cars?

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