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Thread: Skinny dude with flabby abs

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    Skinny dude with flabby abs

    I'm 6'3 and about 190. My problem is, I'm a skinny guy but I have really flabby abs. There is no definition AT ALL. I'm in the process of bulking, but I was just wondering how I can get cut down there. It looks really disgusting, especially when I'm sitting and the fat hangs over. I really want to lose the fat down there, but I'm afraid if I run, I will shed some pounds. Help!!

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    we're gonna need a pic for an accurate diagnosis.

    and if you're gonna bulk, you shouldn't expect abs. if you want the abs, you need to be inthe 8% bodyfat range AND actually have developed abdominals.

    hence, the reason we'll need a pic, so we can tell you if you have any abs under the fat.

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    Depends what exercises you do bud, squats-deadlifts are good for abs and core. I do reverse cable crunches, ab deck, wieghted gymball crunches. you gotta work em like any other muscle mate, but carefull of your lower back, its easy to stain.
    When I bulk i usally bulk untill i can only see the faint outline of my abs, any more and its too much fat

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