The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

Its no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Insane bodybuilding routine

    On another forum this huge guy posted his routine.. He is a 300lb bodybuilder and according to him he hasn't used steroids in 8 years...

    I noticed that he pyramids his sets, what do you guys think of this?

    This is old stuff, apparently he is now squatting nearly 700 lbs on his last set of squats.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lifespan Void

    Day1 Legs/Lower back

    Squats 130x18 150x15 200x15 300x12 350x10 400x8 490x6
    leg extensions 100x30 150x20 210x12 250x8
    deadlifts 130x24 200x16 300x10 400x8 490x6, 130 to failure
    hanging ab crunches x25 x30 x40

    Day2 Traps/Delts

    barbell shrugs 130x30 200x22 220x22 250x22 250x22 250x22 300x20 300x20 320x18 330x15
    bent-over delt raises (dumbell) 60x24 60x24 60x24 65x20 65x20 65x20
    medial raises dumbell) 45x16 45x18 45x20 55x20 45x20 45x18
    upright rows (barbell) 90x13 100x13 120x14 120x14 150x12 90 to failure

    Day3 Chest Triceps

    Incline bench 130x20 200x16 250x16 300x12 350x8 390x6 410x2-4
    dips (leaning into) BWx14 BWx16 BWx16 BW+45x16 BW+45x14 BW+22x16 BW+22x14 BW+22x12
    behind neck dumbell extensions x 7: 45lbx16 45x14 45x12 55x10 66x8 71.5x6 45x10
    dips (leaning back)BWx14 BWx12 BWx12
    kickbacks 32x16 32x16 32x14

    Day4 Back Biceps

    wide grip chinups BWx12, BWx15, BWx17, BWx20, BWx16, BW+22lbx14, BW+45lbx12 BW+45lbx12
    Barbell rows 130x24 130x24 220x16 220x16 300x12 310x10 130x30
    dumbell curls 45lbx15 45x14 45x12 55x12 70x10 80x7 45x10
    barbell hammer curls 88x14 88x12 88x12
    dumbell preacher curls 32x14 32x12 32x12

    Day5 **** I'm too lazy to add into any other days

    Lying leg curls 55x15 100x12 120x10 150x8 150x8
    forearm reverse curls x whatever (only started doing these)
    forearm curls x whatever (only started doing these)

    Day6 arms

    dumbell curls x 7: 45x20 45x15 55x12 66x10 77x8 103x6 45x10
    dumbell hammer curls x 5: 45x15 55x14 66x12 66x12 71.5x12
    dumbell preacher curls x 5: 32x12 32x14 32x16 32x14 32x12
    reverse barbell curls x 4: 61.5x15 61.5x15 61.5x12 61.5x12
    concentration curls x 2: 32x12 32x15
    behind neck dumbell extensions x 7: 45x20 45x15 55x12 66x10 71.5x8 82.5x6 45x10
    dips x 5: BWx14 BWx12 BWx12 BW+45x10 BW+45x10
    superset (3)x 2: 32x14/32x8/32x5 32x14/32x8/32x5
    kickbacks x 4: 32x16 32x16 32x16 32x16

    Day 7: day off
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