Here is my question. I have been reading alot on these boards, and there seems to be a large negative vibe about the smith machine. It seems people are against it more than for it (by far)

Here is my delimma

I have worked out before using a Smith Machine for my big exercises (i.e bench press, squats, shoulder press, straight leg dead, etc.). The main reason I do this is for safety. I go to failure, and a spotter is not always an option. Other than the large move ments, I perfors the rest of my exercises exclusively on free weights.

Now to my situation. I have a co-worker who is willing to sell me an entire gym set that was given to him by a relative (going through a divorce) for $300 dollars. It is a Smith Machine, with over 1000 lbs of Olympic weights. It also includes the following:
EZ curl bar
Lat pull
Low Row
Leg Ext and Curls (crappy)
Adjustable Bench (incline and decline)
4 high and low pulleys
Preacher curl station
Adjustable dumbells (up to 75 lbs)

It is a complete set-up, not some cheap universal set up you can buy at walmart. It was purchsed at a Local Equipment Company (all American Fitness) and still had the price tag on it (they originally payed $1400 fr the set !!!)

I am trusting you guys whole heartedly. The reason I am looking to purchase it is because:
+I could own all of this rather inexpensive !!!
+I have an extra room in my house, so I can workout at my convenience
+I don't have to drive to the gym and wait for equipment
+I am helping out a guy who recently divorced himself, lost his job, and is very short on cash (the only reason he is selling it)
+I received results before using smith

The apartment I live in has a small gym, but it has a universal machine (Very Rigid) and dumbells only go up to 50 lbs (I am already beching those quite easily)

So, I can either purchase the equipment or sign up again for the gym membership at $38 a month.

What would you do. I don't want to get huge, I just want to stay in shape and healthy. I would like to add muscle, but I am not Hardcore.


Your answers will determine my decision.