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Thread: Working the chest w/o bench?

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    Working the chest w/o bench?

    I'm recovering from shoulder tendonitis and cannot do bench press for a while. Are there any other exercises that can work the chest without putting pressure on the shoulders? Also, only one shoulder is affected. Should I do dumbbell bench press on the non-injured side? Thanks guys..
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    Don't put too much pressure on the injured shoulder for now, but you should still exercise it a little. Once you feel pain stop and start doing something else. Let it heal first, don't rush it.

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    Definitely don't rush it, or you'll only set yourself back and get more discouraged.

    You MIGHT get away with some light cable flyes. I would only do it LIGHT..just to keep my chest from forgetting me.

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    Yea man, Id stay away from pushing for a while.

    I have rotator cuff issues and DBs dont hurt it where as BB Bench does. OH BB press doesnt hurt either, just flat BB. The point is maybe you aren't as limited as you think but you should still take it SLOW.


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    try dips as well, leaning forward to engage the chest more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KobeWillVindic8 View Post
    try dips as well, leaning forward to engage the chest more.
    He said no strain on the shoulders. Dips put huge strain on the shoulders imo. I would just take some time off from pressing.
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    Thanks for the advice. I might try some light dumbbells and flys. I'm going crazy not being able to do BP. Going on 3 months now and it still hurts to do it. Beginning to wonder if it's ever going to heal. I've found OH press to be pain free so I might try to ease back into them. But, my physical therapist said OH press is one of the absolute *worst* exercises on the rotator cuff and he recommended taking them out of my routine all together.
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    I had a friend of mine with shoulder issues incline bench while holding the dumbells verticaly instead of horizontaly. I don't know if you can picture it but think about the grip you use when you do dips, hold the dumbells that way. It seems to put a lot less tension on his shoulders. Don't know if it will work for you but keep me updated.

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