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Thread: Ripptoe's question

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    Ripptoe's question

    I'm very interested in starting Rippetoe's starting strength and have no problem performing the 5 lifts being the deadlift, the squat, the bench press, the power clean, and the press. I'd like to stick to the original program but adding pullups or chins on M,F 3xfailure, is this possible or should i just use Wichita Falls Novice Program.

    The Wichita Falls Novice program worries me because of the fact that it decreases the frequency of the power cleans and deadlifts. I'm also interested in strengthening my lats and back further with pullups and chins for accessory work. How should i approach my workout?

    I'm 6'4'' I weigh 200+lbs and perform novice+ on my lifts.

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    The first one is just fine.

    The main point is to keep getting stronger at the main 5 lifts. Whatever it takes to most effictively do that is the best way.

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    I'm using Starting Strength and I do weighted pullups every workout.
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    when you do bench your back supposed to be completely flat against the bench? I was told to put an arch in your back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xstalkrx View Post
    when you do bench your back supposed to be completely flat against the bench? I was told to put an arch in your back.
    Shoulder blades together, back arched... Use the search funtion and you'll find plenty of information on form...

    I don't have a link but you can type in "Mark Rippetoe" on YouTube and find several training vids.

    Also SenseiRX... sp?
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