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Thread: High heart rate?

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    High heart rate?

    What causes an abnormally high heart rate, and what (if anything) is there to do about it? My girlfriend is 5'4, 120 lbs and has a resting heart rate of around 100-130. WTF? she's been to the doctor and they've never really said anything about it. She drinks a lot of caffeine but even on days when she's not drinking caffeine or hasn't had any for a week or two its still real high. She doesn't get that much excercise, but she's informed me that even when she did dance in high school it was still pretty high.

    any advice? she says sometimes it gets really high when she's lifting or doing cardio and she has to stop till it cools down. Like today she was on the elliptical and it was up to 205 O__o.

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    If it's up like that I'd ask the Dr about it. Usually when I feel something is wrong with me and the Dr hasn't said anything I make it a point to let them know I'm worried about it. That way they can either help me fix it, or draw it out in a nice pretty picture for me to explain what it is exactly.
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    See if she can get a graded exercise test. You'll be able to tell if the rhythm is normal or if it's ectopic.
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    If she saw a doctor and he/she didn't comment on it, then she needs to see another doctor. How old is she? Her resting HR shouldn't be near 130 and she shouldn't be hitting 205+ during stress. She needs to hit up an ER just to see if she can get a quick EKG if she's never had one, and then perhaps a followup with a cardiologist for a stress test.

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    Excessive stimulants.

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    doing to much coke mayb, lol. A friend on mine works out and seems like a healthy guy, but he does quite alot of coke, and he has high blood pressureé

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    Most smaller people have higher heartrates. Not sure of the physiological reason but it's normal. My wife is 5' tall and has a resting heartrate in the 80's and it gets up close to 200 when she runs.

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