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    I just had to share this with ya'll. I was shopping the other day trying on clothes. In the dressing room there were mirrors on opposite walls in the room, I took my shirt off and for the first time I could see all the muscles in my back. WOW! I couldn't believe my back really looked that way. I had a V and everything. I was just so cool to actually see some changes.

    Now if I can just get my calves to grow...

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    blonde, gorgeous and built like a brick poohouse...I'm jealous
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    omg, you took your shirt off!! *faints at the thought* I will help you next time!

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    It is neat to see changes isn't it.

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    It makes you want to stand there and flex it looks so good!
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    LOL cool Dixie...

    you'd better grace us with some new pics then soon

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