I was looking through journals recently and it inspired me to start my own. Also it could be a useful tool for anyone who wants to see if SS is effective or not. So here it is, I've completed 7 days:

Monday Workout A 10/6/08
Squat 165x3x5
Bench Press 145x3x5
Deadlift 185x1x5

Wednesday Workout B 10/8/08
Squat 175x3x5
OH Press 85x3x5
Power Clean 135x5x3

Friday Workout A 10/10/08
Squat 185x3x5
Bench Press 150x3x5
Deadlift 205x1x5

(missed Monday so went Tuesday)Tuesday Workout B 10/14/08
Squat 195x3x5
OH Press 95x3x5
Power Clean 155x5x3

Thursday Workout A 10/16/08
Squat 205x3x5
Bench Press 155x3x5
Deadlift 235x1x5

Saturday Workout B 10/18/08
Squat 215x3x5
OH Press 100x3x5
Power Clean 165x5x3

Tuesday Workout A 10/21/08
Squat 225x3x5
Bench Press 160x3x5
Deadlift 265x1x5

I think its been pretty awesome, a lot of strength gains and noticeable size gains definitely. I started ripping my boxers and some of my jeans no longer fit. As I squatted or crouched my boxers would rip, ruined like 5 pairs in 3 days lol. I'm too lazy to list diet, but its okay. I'm 6'4'' weight around 205-208 currently lower than a 14% bf not sure what reading exactly. Probably gained 10 lbs since I've been on it. I'm currently bulking and my goal weight is 230-240 so I can cut down to 220-230. What do you guys think, I'd like some feedback and tips. When should I purchase microplates? Also I need some help on exactly how resets function etc.