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Thread: Heavy Duty Training!!!!!

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    Heavy Duty Training!!!!!

    I just read one of the late Mike Mentzer's books on The Heavy Duty Training method..where you train several body parts with EXTREME intensity only 2 to 3 times a week while getting anywhere from 48 - 72 hours rest..One example for chest was 10 sets 8-10 reps then Biceps..8 sets..10 t0 12 reps..followed by delts for 8 sets..10 reps..all using heavy weight...then you completely rest for 3 days ..then go and hit back ,,tris and legs with the same intensity!!! anyone ever used the Heavy duty method?/ I know Mike M and his Brother Ray were ridiculed for these intenes methods but they were some big dudes..I know they did there share of drugs but heck they were some dedicated lifters!!!!!!!!!
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