I am studying for my exam tomorrow and some of the ideas are whack! Basically, there is a definite possibility that your entire body can be teleported instantly to another part of the universe (or a part of you at least). Of course, this possibility is ridiculously small, but quantum mechanics tells us that there 100% is a definite chance (which itself is incredible). This is based on the fact that your position in space is actually infinite.

This is all based on the fact that matter is a wave and waves are matter. An electron has a mass but also has a frequency and a wavelength (de Borgilie wave length). If you want you can calculate your wavelength with a simple equation... wavelength = planck's constant / momentum. Since we are all waves with a very very small wavelength, and waves have no definite position (Imagine a rope with a wave moving through, you can't really say where the wave is), we are literally everywhere defined by a simple probability. The probability that you are 13 billion light years away is extremely small, but it exists.

This is all the simple qualitative stuff, we go more in depth but I thought you would find it interesting.
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