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Thread: Will my grip not develop as well if I start using a mixed grip on deadlifts?

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    Grip is grip it will jsut be affected in a little bit different way

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    Quote Originally Posted by growthrep View Post
    Just to weigh in real quick here, don't forget to throw in a set of heavy dumbell lunges on your leg day as that too will assist your grip, while helping you hit each leg individually.
    In additon to squats 3x per week?
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    For deads, go ahead and use a mixed grip if grip is the limiting factor. For other barbell movements where you can get away with usng double-overhand, then do it. You'll still help build your grip strength but the deadlifting you do isn't going to cause that much of an imbalance as long as you are doing plenty of other barbell work like cleans, snatches, rows, shrugs, with overhand grip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyBomber View Post
    I've always used a mixed grip on deadlifts and my grip has not been a problem, ever.
    DITTO. I always deadlift with a mixed grip, and I have a strong grip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrawnybastard View Post
    I've being doing Rippetoe's for 5 weeks, and I find that my grip tends to slip on my working set of deadlifts. The mixed grip helps me alot. Will doing that keep me from developing a stronger grip.
    You need to ask yourself this question:

    Are you doing deads for your grip or your back?

    If you are working on grip then by all means stay with the overhand and work on your grip.

    If you are working on your back then do what ever you need to do, to not allow the lost of your grip to affect the lift. Be that be straps, chalk, gloves, alternate grip etc etc...
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