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Thread: My olympic weightlifting shoes experience

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    My olympic weightlifting shoes experience

    I got my pair a few days ago and I have to say I'm definately impressed, especially my overhead press. I feel so much more stable and more explosive at the bottom. I was already squatting deep without them, but it's definately easier to get out of the hole and to keep my back upright. This was my first time using them and I can say right now, I'll never go back to regular shoes again. Getting the shoes has also given me the motivation to work on my overhead squats, something I did not pay attention to before.

    I shot a PM to Sensei about this but I wanted to hear you guys' opinions also. What do you guys think about deadlifting in olympic weightlifting shoes? I pull sumo, just to let you know. Would it be detrimental b/c of the raised heels, or does it matter?

    I just took a picture to show you guys what I got -
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