My program has me squatting/deadlifting 3 days a week and the Sunday squat workout is my high rep raw work. It's brutal. Friday is my gear day and I did triples in knee wraps followed by a ton of accessory work.

My legs have been so sore that sitting on the crapper has been a chore. I was dreading today's workout as it was my last week of 8's and obviously the heaviest for 8's.

Despite being sore as hell I was actually pretty loose today. Warm up went great, no aches, no pains and felt strong and tight.

I worked up to 3 sets of 8 at 315lbs completely raw. I'm really psyched about it. For a while I was having hip/knee problems and my raw squat felt really weak all the time. Knee has been great lately and my hip is feeling pretty good provided I warmup properly.

This friday will be my last week of knee wrap work, then I get to start 4 weeks of straps down work before peaking for my next contest. I'm starting to get really excited for my next meet guys! Training is going great, my strength feels like it's way up all around.