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Thread: 8 Weeks into working out... sort of...

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    8 Weeks into working out... sort of...

    So I started working out in July... mainly with machines and playing basketball 3 or so days a week. Then I took about a month off from just being lazy. Then I started a bet with a couple guys from work and started working out 5 days a week in the beginning of Sept. I again started with just machines (a workout circuit that my gym had) and adding that with riding the bike 5 days a week. In the last 4 weeks I've been working our with free weights (I use to work out in high school / play football so I'm pretty familar with free weights). I started with the WBB 1.1 but then changed to the Ripptoes after about 2 weeks with the WBB cause I felt like it was too much to "start" with just getting back to free weights. Now I feel like the Ripptoes isn't enough... Any suggestions would be great guys...

    My whole point to this was to show my progress, so after about 8 weeks I went from a pretty chubby out of shape 220 to a better 204.
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    If you are doing Ripptoes correctly, then it should defiantly be enough, especially for someone relatively new. If you feel it is too easy, just up the weight and keep the diet in check. You can always throw in some isolation work/abs if you feel like it but of course after the main lifts of the day. Keep at it, you will see changes/feel like it is too hard soon enough.
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    You need to build a base at least try to stick with ripptoes for 6 weeks and focus on getting progressively stronger every week on the basics.

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