Hey, I'm sort of having a problem with my lower back. Ever since my deadlift 5RM hit 375 lbs., I've been getting this lower back pain in the left side of my back. The pain may also be due to my squatting 3 times a week going TOO deep (the point where your lower back rounds a little bit at the bottom of the hole).

It's not an unbearable pain since I'm in pretty good shape from hard training for a few years now, but I can tell it's more then just basic soreness. It's a "tightness" of some sort that makes it more difficult to bend over to touch the ground.

Now, I'm wondering if maybe this is a sign that either a.) I need to start doing some direct low-back assistance work, or b.) I need to start doing some direct hamstring work. I have a feeling that GM's, RDL's, SLDL's, or hypers may greatly help me to strengthen the weak link.

I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with something similar to this. Thanks.