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Thread: T-rows - Keeping 1 end on the floor

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    T-rows - Keeping 1 end on the floor

    What am I doing wrong? When I am doing T-Rows, the end of the barbell (the end that has no weight) will sometimes creep up into the air as I am lowering the barbell. Not a huge deal I guess, I am just afraid I am going to whack my balls or something.

    I place the barbell end up against an angle on a hack squat machine.

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    i always wedge it (not tightly) in the corner of a power rack. kind of a waste of a power rack, but some ****ty at my gym would probably try to curl in it if i werent doing something in it anyways.
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    stick weight on the other end to pivot it? you aint gonna get the bar lower than the size of the plate youre lifting anyway.

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