So here's my deal. I'm currently a scrawny 5'9 and 135 pounds. Now, for the sport I compete in, competition rock climbing, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, in an attempt to take my climbing to the next level, I've decided to incorporate weight lifting into my training routine.

Now a little bit of information. I train for climbing using periodization, which means I am NOT focused on maximum strength 100% of the time. I am however, willing to change my program slightly to incorporate more strength oriented weight lifting. My climbing specific training is centered around forearm maximum strength, maximum recruitment, and overall forearm conditioning. The forearms really are the most important muscle in climbing.

Lately however, I have felt it is other muscle groups that have been holding me back (core muscles, upper arms and shoulders, lats and chest). So, my questions are as follows:

-What is the minimum amount of days per week that I can lift to strengthen these muscle groups and still see improvement? My training schedule is already packed, and I don't want any more over-training injuries, so I would like the keep the lifting to a minimum while still being effective.

-What are the best exercises to strengthen these muscles? I have access to a variety of machines, which I know are not the best for strength training. As far as free weights go, currently I only have access to a dumbbell set of up to 50 or 60 pounds and a bench (which is heavy enough weight for me at the moment in my scrawny skinny state hahah). When considering this question, think explosive pulling power.

-How quickly should I expect results? Does 1 pound of muscle a month sound like a reasonable goal? More? Less?

-Most of my training will be focused on upper body strength, while trying to minimize lower body weight. However, I hear that lower body training (squats and such) do wonders for your core. What lower body exercises should be done to keep everything in balance?

Again, I'm not looking to get huge, as this would be detrimental to my climbing. However, another well placed 15-20 pounds of muscle I think may be just what I need to take my climbing to another level. If anymore information is required to answer this post better, please let me know and I will provide it. Otherwise, thanks in advance for the the advice guys.