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Thread: Big gains?

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    Big gains?

    Hey guys, was just looking for some extra people to keep up with my journal from time to time, and also to give me their input on how I'm progressing so far.

    I started on 10/6/08 and my last workout was on 11/1/08

    Squat +90lbs at 255x3x5
    Deadlift +110lbs at 295x3x5
    Bench Press +40lbs at 175x3x5
    OH Press +30lbs at 115x3x5
    Power Clean +40lbs at 175x3x5

    I've almost hit huge solid PR's every single day and I am going to continue attempting to do so. Just need some feedback, positive comments, need constructive criticism, and need help with some questions I have here and there.

    I was also wondering if my progress seems too fast??? Haven't seen too many starting strength journals around, so its hard to compare my progress to anything else. I hope others can learn from my journal and I also seek to learn from others who decide to comment on my journal.

    Journal is called: Starting Strength Journal - First Journal

    I'm not too experienced using forums, so I don't know how to make a sig and all this ****, I'm just here for knowledge to gain strength and to promote future progress.
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    Newbies nearly always get great gains for several months, so this isn't unusual. Stick with it and you should do well for quite a while longer. The gains will start coming more slowly, but don't get discouraged, just keep plugging away at it. One of the best things is that you list the big lifts and not curls, etc. This means that you're learning the correct things to get and keep you big and strong.

    keep up the excellent work!
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    Post videos of your lifts. That's the best way to be critiqued. then you can tell if you're actually doing the lifts correctly. I did it with my squats, and I've gotten a lot of good feedback.

    I've learned so much since coming to this website, it's incredible. I truly think this site will help me get stronger.
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