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Thread: Critique my squat and bent BB Rows

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    Critique my squat and bent BB Rows

    first, this is my normal stance... A wide stance parallel squat
    only did 3 bc it was the end of my workout and i didnt want to overdo it. Plus these kill my hip flexors, which is why im doing these for the time being . . .

    Full squats - 235 x 3
    notice how far my knee goes in front of my toes. I just cant get full depth without doing this, I feel like i'm going to topple over if my shins stay perpindicular to floor. What is your opinion of this?

    BB Row pendlay style
    205 x 4 reps

    critique me please make me a better lifter
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    My only comment is for the video of the full squats. It appears that your butt winks very slightly towards the bottom of your squat, which would indicate that you have a flexibility issue...possibly in the hamstring or hip area. I would reduce the ROM slightly and address your flexibility until you can properly and safely go all the way down, otherwise you could create a more severe problem down the road.
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