I voted early on Saturday at the county courthouse. It was the peak of the college football day. WVU (I'm in WV) was in the middle of its big 3rd quarter surge against UCONN, and I waited just about 20 minutes to vote.

With the game going on, and it being 3pm-ish on Saturday during football season, I was pretty surprised by the size of the line.

So..all I'm thinking is. "It's gonna be HELL at the polls Tuesday. I'm SO glad I ran over here today."

As I'm heading out, the line is double what it was when I came in.

40 minute wait?

Then, all I can think is.."There's no way in hell the college kids (Marshall University is in my city) will wait for an hour or more on Tuesday. Hell..they won't even park their cars when they see the lot at their local polls, if they make it off the couch."

So...(and I know WBB is more responsible and will ALL go vote!)...do you think Obama's heavily-polled and much depended-on youth movement will show up?