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Thread: How do you mentally prep yourself?

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    try to get mad at the bar. and when benching....imagine you are pushing yourself away from the bar....not the bar away from you. and if someone has pissed you off....use that to your advantage.
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    I usually just picture myself at my unhealthiest which is not a pretty picture. When I made the decision to clean up my life and my body, I was 5'11" / 255 lbs. with a 40" waist.
    One day I looked in the mirror and made myself a promise. I said aloud to my fat self,

    "I will do WHATEVER it takes to change my body to one that I can be proud of."

    Now when I have a tough time getting out of bed to hit the gym before work, or when the last rep just doesn't want to come, I just picture myself on that day. I repeat my promise to myself and then at the end I usually add something like;
    "Whatever it takes means getting this fuggin bar off my chest." or something similar to that.
    It tends to work for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidior View Post
    You guys are ****ing extreme. Usually I realize it has been awhile since my last set and figure I should go again.

    Quote Originally Posted by borracho View Post
    I am always mentally unprepared right before I enter the gym..hours before that I am fine.

    One method I've used in the past for sets is to get a list of girls that I would like to bang, ranging in order of least to highest desired and match it up to the number of reps I am aiming for. If you always place that slightly unattainable woman at the top rep, you're likely to try and hit it.

    Now that thats been said, this tactic has not been employed in 6 months, give or may be time to start up again.
    lmao that's a new one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Athos View Post
    you're an intelligent guy... but you're also half #$%&ing crazy... and that my friend is the formula for a great powerlifter.
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    Starting a journal was the smartest thing I have done...keeps me mentally prepared 24/7. When I am lifting, its like I am lifting in front of the entire forum so it always keeps me motivated. No one likes posting about their ****ty workout...keeping a journal makes you do all you can to avoid having that **** workout.

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    I try to be go over in my head my workout like what I want to do during the day at work, so when I get to the gym at night it's already planned out. so just get to business.
    for the max effort lifts I'll do some deep breathing, pacing around, visualize the successful lift, beat my chest , grunt and growl, laugh cynically like the bar doesn't stand a chance against me,
    say things like "stay tight!" "light stuff"
    haven't tried amonia caps yet.

    on rare occasions I've even gotten sexually aroused while training hard, then the strength goes thru the roof!
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    I always find that focus works better for me than just rage. Focus leads to intensity whereas rage is harder to control and can lead to breakdown in form. The way I focus is visualization and controlled breathing. I go through a mental checklist of things I want to do, but visualization is key.

    There are normal good days and normal bad days... then there's the zone. Like any sport, there are those days where my focus is surgical and I get in the zone. I LIVE for those days, but they're rare. The zone is when my mind/muscle connection is perfect and I'm able to visualize the lifts mentally while blocking out all the nonsense going on around me. I am in constant pursuit of those days.

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    usually for me listening to rap or heavy metal while I lift does the job of getting the adrenaline flowing and focusing me in
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    I start telling myself before i lift heavy "this weight ain't nothing. this weight ain't nothing. It's scared of you, man. look at the poor thing... it wimpers in fear because it knows it doesn't stand a chance against you." Crazy stuff like that lol!
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    I just lift. Warm-up sets are how I prepare myself physically and mentally. For high-intensity lifts, I have to psych up a little, but I don't really pump up unless it's a contest or a PR - a growl is about all it takes for most gym lifts.
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    I usually grab the bar, give the bar a few tugs, tell myself "cmon big boy, making progress here, you got this!" It helps if I think about the progress that I'm making, the weight I'm losing and the strength I've been gaining.
    "Light Weight"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MPB View Post
    Kind of silly but I also ended developing a habit/routine of having to slap certain body parts in a certain order and that helps me before attempting a big lift.
    There's a term for that... it's called OCD. hehe

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