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Thread: How do you mentally prep yourself?

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    How do you mentally prep yourself?

    How do you mentally get ready for lifting? Lately I've taken a whole new approach to lifting mentally. I prep myself days before I lift but I'm talking right before you enter then gym/lift.

    I say prayer before I enter the gym. While I'm stretching I talk to myself, positive only. Some things I say may sound silly to you guys but I just say whatever helps.

    While stretching before lifting I'll tell myself "I am a fuqing machine and my job is lift iron for the next hour." I am strong, so strong and I will not fail." " I am the dominant one to iron, its fuqing nothing!" Y'know just whatever.

    I envision myself accomplishing the weight and reps beforehand, something our coach would have us do before gameday..

    Just wondering how everyone else preps themselves. As many of us now weight lifting is very mental.
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