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Thread: Best back workout I ever had!!!

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    Best back workout I ever had!!!

    For the first time in my life, I felt my back get a workout. I am doing the WBB 1 routine, and I had chest and back day yesterday. I first had an awesome workout on my chest. Actually, I was thinking about leaving because I felt so drained, but I didn't. Then came my back and wow I loved it. This is what I did for the following back workout:

    1 set pullover warmup: 12 reps
    2 sets assisted chinups: 8 8
    3 sets deadlifts: 10 8 8
    2 sets seated cable rows: 10 7
    1 dropset shrugs: 55s x 10 no rest 35s failure

    *All sets to failure

    **I think what really made the workout good was that I had better form on my deads. My lower back was not in pain from them. I might have bent my knees too much when going down, but it still felt good.

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    good job man, keep it up. My back was like that's like I needed it to get stronger before I started feeling it.


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