Right now I training to do my first meet ever in January. I plan to do a raw meet and was wondering when doing a raw meet can you use belt or straps or is that considered equipped. Right now I was thinking equipped meets are for shirts and suits am I wrong. Another thing I wanted to know about meets what are the rules about using gear and PH. I do not use gear and don't look down at anyone that does I look at it as to each there own. But I am on a PH right now. My partner said what a lot of people do is do a few cycles or either gear or PH then cycle off a month or so before a meet is this true? Do they make you take any type of test before you compete. Now I don't think the meet I'm doing is that strict seeing it a local thing but really want to know for future meets if I like this one and want to go in and do more and bigger ones.

Here is the meet Im looking to do Jan. 26