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Thread: High reps lighter weight VS, Lower reps heavier ?

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    High reps lighter weight VS, Lower reps heavier ?

    Ok, all you body builders, I am sure this question gets asked a million times, but curious of everyone's opinion on this.

    I am 35yrs old, and started lifting 4 days a week again about 18 months ago, back in Spring 07, I weighed 165lbs, and am 5'11". I have been 165lbs most my adult life, more of thinner runner type body. Then I got serious, and since then I now weigh between 185lbs-190lbs. But I still feel thin, like my arms and chest don;t look that much bigger, and shoulder should be rounder more defined. to my point, I have tried a few different routines, first last year did the 5x5 and that helped pack on some weight, and got me slightly bigger, then after that I looked for a different routine.

    Then I read about the "Omega Project" from a different forum, and long story short that is very high reps, lighter weight of course. So most sets are like 1x20, 1x15, 1x10, 1x6. Increasing the weight 10% each set. Sometimes Omega would say do 5 sets or even 6sets sometimes. And as crazy as those high reps sound, that got me bigger much faster than 5x5 did.

    Now I stopped the "Omega program in Summer, and went to a hybrid made by Tennessee Mike, which was sort of a mix of 5x5 + Omega, so compound were like 1x10, 1x5, 1x5, 1x5, 1x3, and Isolated 2x10, 2x8, 1x6. And that worked ok this Summer, but I feeling like am hitting a wall with that routine, and got a little bigger doing that, but not like I gained as much with "Omega"

    So if looking to just get more defined muscles, gain a little more weight, but mainly have that body builder look, with shoulders swelled out, and arms beefier, and chest more defined ? I don;t really have that yet I think. Is the higher rep routine better, or 5x5 style ?
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