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Thread: Pec Pain

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    Pec Pain

    Hi Guys,

    For the past 2 weeks i've been getting some pain in my left pec where the muscle meets the sternum.

    If I stretch my chest i get a sharp pain but after a quick warm up i feel okish. When lifting, it doesn't seem to interfer only when i stretch.

    Is this something I should be worried about? Could I have overstretched a tendon or something?

    I thought about having a week off so see if that helped. I feel quite lucky actually as for the last 2 years i've had no muscle injuries at all so its prob my time

    Thanks for any help

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    It's very possible you over-did it on that pec. I'd take possibly 2 weeks off of anything that hits the pecs and then see how it is after that. Then, start out lighter than you should and take it easy building back up. If that doesn't do it, time to see the doctor.
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