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Thread: 20 rep squats

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    20 rep squats

    so i was wondering if 20 rep squats really live up to the hype that they are supposed to be very beneficial.
    i did them and they were deffinentaly very challenging but it gos against the common belief to lift heavier weights to get bigger because i cant really use heavy weights
    basically i was wondering from somebody who has done them if they really were beneficial.
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    I usually do them either at the beginning, middle, or end of a squat cycle. I ****ING HATE them, but love them at the same time. I definitly wouldnt do it every session.
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    I like them... they for sure induce hypertrophy

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    yea they are kind of hell to do man they are grueling, lol but i love it at the same time for that reason, the only reason im doing that high of reps now is to ease my way back into powerlifting.
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    I do them about 4 to 6 weeks out from a strongman contest if its going to be a heavy conditioning contest. (along with 20 rep tire flips and such) Does do alot for hypertrophy, does absolutely nothing for your top end strength though...except maybe kill it unless you get enough rest. I've tried doing two different styles. 60-65% of my 1 rep max on squat for multiple sets of 20, I've also warmed up to a heavy weight that I can barely squat 10-12 reps with and then done 20. The first type is better for hypertrophy in my opinion because of the multiple sets allow alot more blood to pump into the muscle, the heavy set of 20, I honestly think it just tempers my ability to withstand pain and dig deep to find the guts to keep going.......cause it just sucks, and there is occasionally pukage.

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