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    Deadlift question

    In one of the other threads here, videos of this 6'6" 400# below guy were posted here. Here is one of his deadlift videos that I pose questions about below...


    My question is about his deadlift form/technique. About a month ago, I posted a video of one of my deadlift PR's. One of the main suggestions people said was that I was raising my hips too quick. Since then, I've tried to work on that, but I'm finding it very hard to do and I haven't gotten another deadlift PR since then ( but that may be to other reasons as well, like generally feeling more compelled to squat then pull, and dabbling with pulling sumo instead of conventional ). But when I look at the video above, his hips are also really high before he even gets the weight off the floor. I'm wondering if this has something to do with him also being tall ( he's 6'6" ). Maybe it's just because he's really f__king strong and can get away with it, but I'm now questioning the advice I was given ( because I'm wondering if starting the pull with the hips high is an artifact of being tall ). I'm just curious as to what people here think, do people also think he should he also try to keep his hips down ( if he was trying to prepare to deadlift in a powerlifting competition, which I don't think he is since he's a pro strongman. )
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