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Thread: newbie. advice on HIT for beginners.

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    newbie. advice on HIT for beginners.


    My name is ryan and I've only been lifting for a couple months now. I started out small and am still quite small (160, but a fair amount of that is fat) though doing the wannabebig routine has helped me quite a bit. I've been reading posts here for about a month, and they've helped too. My question is about high intensity training, which it seems everyone here swears by. Is it right for beginners as well as seasoned lifters? I hope this isn't a sensitive, run into the ground point, if it is I apologize. It's been working for me, but then a couple nights ago I was in a shop that sold lifting supplements (not a big chain with a 16 year old behind the counter, but one with a big guy been lifting for 15 years, owns a gym too).

    Almost everything he told me agreed to the letter with what I've been reading here (squats good, glutamine good etc.) but he said that 6 - 8 reps of heavy weight is bad for a beginner, that I should be doing 12 - 15 for at least 6 months to a year before doing less reps, and that I should not go to failure. He said I risk injury and improper development otherwise. I love high intensity but I really don't want to risk it. Is there truth in what he said?

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    Nothing wrong with doing 6-8 reps man.

    I'm not a fan of HIT, however it will work on beginners. It will not work on Elite Athletes.


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    I can kind of see where the guy is coming from by steering you away from heavier, more intense lifting. As a beginner it might be a good idea to start out less intense to ease into it. However, I would never come to just a cut and dry generalization like he did. I'm sure there are many beginners that would do fine with an intense routine like that. As long as you're motivated enough, your body should be able to handle it (if not, fall back to a less intense workout setup).
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    I think he is saying this because when you go low reps, your muscles maybe able to handle it but not your tendons. The guy just wants you to strengthen your tendons before so it can prevent future injuries.
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