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Thread: New Deadlift Suit: The Titan Rocket!

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    New Deadlift Suit: The Titan Rocket!

    Ok time to let the cat out of the least a bit. As you know I have worn virtually every deadlift suit I could ever get my hands on, and designed and tested more than one brand as well. I recently designed and tested TWO new DL suits, and wore one of them at the recent worlds and pulled a WABDL PR 755 EASY with a miss at 810 weighing 234, I went 3 for 3 and had a short rest for my 4th, another gent pulled 750 so I obviously took just what I needed. I had an all time PR in training with 775 but as previously stated needed just 755 for the win so I did not go any higher until I secured the win. The deadlift suit has not been named yet, but it's nicknamed the TITAN ROCKET. Velcro type straps, tightness in the crotch and hips like the Metal and Marathon suits, but what sets it apart is not just the extreme pop off the floor sumo AND conventional, but the CARRYOVER to lockout and the SUPER torso support, and HUGE lockout power. The adjustable straps really ensure you can get more and more support as you increase your poundages and further your attempts at the show. It ihas in my opinion, taken over as THE BEST one ply suit available, but you can try for yourself. I did test it sumo AND conventional, with awesome results either way, the suit has a sumo OR conventional cut. I was VERY picky when making this suit and would only accept perfection, they knew that going in and supported it one hundred percent. Wide straps, thick material, and special APLIX VELCRO type straps make it one of a kind. I know Ken Anderson is ordering some off of my template, and I believe Pete will have some very soon as well. Not sure on price, but its worth whatever it costs. I will have a long article on dl gear including suits, e shirts, belts, briefs, shoes, you name it, coming out soon and it will submitted to PL USA. Stay tuned! To answer emails and pms, yes I did use the Inzer Fusion with great conventional results early in my cycle and I have nothing bad to say about IAD, John or the Fusion so lets just put that out there right now, but the Titan worked BETTER so that is why I wore it at the show, its really that simple. I wore several suits very early in the cycle and wore the one that performed best, just like any of you would. Train hard and pull HEAVY! I will youtube my suited DLs in practice and show deads soon. For the hardcore APF and mutli ply guys ( I always enjoy a good APF meet!) I am almost done perfecting a double ply suit that is simply unbelievable! It not only looks super cool (trust me), it literally acts like a SPRING once you start pulling, I am near it's completion! I am excited that DL gear is starting to get better as have the bench shirts and squat suits!!

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    So, do you like it or not? I can't read all that.
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