I don't mean to p*ss anyone off by asking this question, but I really don't understand.

What is the point of squat and deadlift suits and bench shirts?

I know they allow you to lift more weight, but isn't that defeating the purpose of getting your body strong?

Like, if you are capable of squatting 600 lbs. raw (which is pretty damn good), and you are capable of squatting 750 raw with the suit on..... It seems as if the suit is taking place of what your stabilizer muscles should be doing.

I'm pretty new to all this stuff, so forgive me if this has been discussed a million times before. I did a few searches on this subject on this forum, but didn't really find anything.

I was just wondering. Depending on how serious I get with PLing, I may get into the gear one day. For now, I still have lots of raw strength to be built.