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Thread: Shoulder "Clicks"

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    Shoulder "Clicks"

    Everytime I raise my hands to the sides, I hear clicks from my shoulders. What is the cause of this and how do I stop these clicking from happening?

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    I have a really bad click on my collar bone ... I went to the doctors when i was 18 about it and he just said rest it. I played a lot of Golf at the time so gave it a rest for a few weeks but it didn't go. At first i was worried... its now nearly 10 years later and i have the click still so i just live with it. It only clicks when i do a particular motion.

    If it doesn't hurt then I'd leave it and see how it goes... if you are worried, go see a doctor.

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    My shoulders pop terribly. You should hear them when I do lateral raises, it's like someone is crushing ice inside them. There's no pain though, but it still annoys the hell out of me.
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    I used to have a left-shoulder click when doing Dips and Bench Press (a motion like Lat Raises wouldn't bother it). I found out that it was caused by my left RC being more flexible than my right -- so during either the dip/bench motion my left shoulder would inadvertently go down a little farther than the right, hyper-extending it slightly.

    It might not be the same thing for you guys since mine was isolateral, but I guess you might as well try what helped me. Put one hand behind your back, palm facing outwards, and stretch it up as close to your neck as possible. Now take your other hand, reach over your shoulder and clasp both hands together, pulling upwards on the one behind your back. You should feel a pull from your shoulder and possible down through your bicep as well. Hold it for a few seconds, switch arms. You may want to use a stick or bungee cord or something to link your hands together if you have trouble reaching that far (I use one of those pushup handlebar things).

    hope I explained that well enough... that stretch eliminated my 'click' in less than 2 weeks
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    Sounds like you need to strengthen your rotator cuff. (no pun)

    Doing this stretch should eliminate the "clicking" temporarily:


    But in the long run a more intensive shoulder rehab protocol is in order:


    And taking massive quantities of Celltech is always a good idea.
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