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    Nick's Log

    So I'm currently following the "Men's health hard body plan" I've been doing this for a little while now, and have just bumped from the "beginner workout" to the "intermediate workouts" - adding multiple sets. I've been feeling out the new level by dropping the weight down to allow for higher rep counts and trying to stack a pyramid where I can. I'm a little concerned about the amount of time it's requiring (~2hr/workout) but I'm making progress, albeit slowly.

    I'm always happy to get feedback, either positive or negative. I'm getting back into this after a long break from working out and discovered I was doing a lot of things wrong back in the day, so any constructive criticism is appreciated.

    Starting Point 9/15/07: 221lbs
    Current: 11/15/08: 200.5lbs (goal #1 hit)
    Next Goal: 195 by new years
    Major Goal: 190 by Feb 24/09 - 30th Bday

    I know you're supposed to "count fat not weight" but 190 just feels so much more rewarding than measuring myself with a measuring tape.


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    Starting Log

    Leg press 190 x6
    Leg curl 110x6
    Leg extension 110x6
    Eliptical 30m @ 225c
    Bike 20m @ 110c

    Eliptical 30@8 25@6 530ce
    Vert chest 110x6
    Dumbell fly 20x6, 30x6
    Dumbell swing 35x6
    Dumbell trunk 20x6
    Hammer crunch machine 20,60,70x6

    Eliptical 33m 298c lvl 4&6 weight loss setting
    Dumbell mil press 30x6
    Dumbell kickback 10x6
    Dumbell raise 30x6
    Fr. Deltoid raise 15x6
    Rev grip curl 6x50 2x70
    Fr & bk wrist curls 30x6

    Elip 30m @ lvl 6 336c
    ALeg press 190x10
    Leg extension 110x8
    Leg curl 110

    Elip 20 @ 7 223 5m cool @ 1
    Bench press 115 x 5
    Dumbell fly 30x6
    Dumbell swing 30x6
    Dumbell row 30x8
    Dumbell side 30x10
    Hammer crunch 70x8

    Elip 30m@ lvl 6 wl prog. 344c
    Ohead press 100x7
    Shrugs 30x8
    Side deltoid raise 7x20
    Arm extension 70x4
    Arm curl 90x5
    F wrist curl 30x8
    R wrist curl 30x10

    Elip 30m @6 337c wl prog
    Leg press 210x10 (squat)
    Leg curl 110x11
    Leg extension 110x11
    Seated heel raise 95x9
    Ankle flexion 25x12

    Elip 30m @ lvl 6 338c
    Incline press 110x7
    Deltoid fly Mach 90x10
    Goood morning (incline Mach) 0x10 10x10
    One arm row 40x10
    Trunk twist 40x5
    Dumbell side bend 40x10
    Hammer crunch 80x8

    Elip 30m @7 352c
    Overhead press 100x9
    Upright row 70x10
    Side deltoid raise 20x10
    tricep extension 65x10, 80x7
    Preacher curl 90x6
    F Forearm curl 30x10
    R forearm curl 30x10

    Elip 30m @7 wl 367c
    Lay lunge + barbell 30x10
    Hack squat 30x6 - knees hurt
    Leg press 230x10
    Leg curl 120x10
    Leg extension 120x10
    Dumbell heel raise 95x10
    Ankle flexion 35x10
    Stationary lung w/ barbells 25x3 10x4

    Elip 30m @7wl 370c
    Vert chest 110x10
    Dumbell fly (Mach) 100x6
    Wide grip row 50x8 (feels odd)
    Dumbell swing 35x10
    Dumbell trunk 35x6
    Oblique trunk rotation 25x8 sorta
    Leg raises w/ ankle weights

    Elip 30@7 wl 302c
    Shoulder press 50ea x10
    Dumbell raise 32.5x10
    Fr. Dumbell raise 15x10
    Rev. Barbell curl 50x5
    Wrist roller

    Elip 30@8 wl 366
    Hack squat 50x6 (didn't hurt as much)
    Leg extensions 130x10
    Leg press 255x10
    Seated heel raise 95x10 (whoops)
    Ankle flexion 45x10
    Bench lateral 10x10 25x6

    Incline press 110x10

    Elip 30m @8 wlp 360c
    Ohead press 110x8
    Dumbell raise 20x8
    Fr. Deltoid raise 20x10
    Lying cross delt raise 20x6
    Rev grip barbell curl 70x9
    Wr. Roller

    30m elip @8 wlp 373c
    Hack squat 30x10
    Leg extension 150x10
    Leg press 270x8
    Seated heel raise 100x8
    Ankle flexion 25x15
    Duck squat 40x10
    Bench lateral 25x8

    Elip 30m @8 wlp 360c
    Incline press 120x10
    Deltoid fly 100x10
    Dual axis row 100x10
    Dumbell trunk rotation
    Oblique trunk rotation 25x10
    Dumbell side bend 50x10
    Hammer crunch 80x10

    Elip 30m @8 wlp 354.8c
    Ohead press 110x9
    Flys 110x8 Mach
    Shrugs 30x10
    Side felt raise 25x6
    Arm extension 80x9
    Preacher curl 90x7
    Fr & rev foreamrm curls 35x10

    Elip 30m @9 wlp 371c
    Leg press 270x10
    Seated Leg curl 140x10
    Leg extensions 170x11
    Heel raise 100x10
    Ankle flexion 45x10
    Stationary lunge 0x10 (lazy)

    Elip 30@9 366c
    Chest press 130x8
    Flys 110x10
    Good morning 25x10x2
    One arm row 40x10
    Side bends: 60x10
    Arm curls 70x10, 90x3
    Ab machine 85x10

    Elip 30@9 wl 337
    Ohead press 70x6,6
    Upright row 45x7,55x6,70x6
    Side delt raise 20x6,15x7
    Arm extensions 75x6,6
    Preacher curl 75x6,6
    Rev. Forearm curl 30x6.6
    Forearm curl 30x6,6

    Elip wlp @10 378
    Leg press 180x6,6
    Hack squat 50x6,6
    Leg curls 100x6,6
    Leg extensions 155x7,7
    Heel raises with dumbells. 75x10,10 100x6
    Ankle flexion 45x10,10
    Stationary lunge w/db x10,8,6
    Lat lunge w/bw (who has anything left??)

    Elip 30m 362c
    Ohead press 70z8,8
    Upright row 70x8,8
    Side delt raise 15x10,10
    Arm extensions 65x10,10 80x6 95x3
    Preach curl 70x8,8 85x3,100x1
    Forearm curl 30x10,10 40x10
    Rev forearm curl 30x10,10 40x10

    Elop 30m hiit wlp 373c
    Leg press 190x10,10 250x8
    Leg curl 110x7,7
    Leg extension 155x8,8
    Heel raises 85x10,10 110x10 135x4
    Ankle flexion 45x10,10
    Lunges bwx10,10
    Lat lunge w/bw (who has anything left??)

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    I'd not that there are some missing workouts the last two weeks. I slacked. I was on the road for work and nothing in the hotel gym was working. I know it's not a good excuse, and that there isn't really such a good thing as a good excuse, but that's what was going through my head. :/

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