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    i caculated that i should get 3000 cals/day
    for the moment im taking 2700 cals/day inn , dont know if this is too low or not , but i wanne get rid of the fat , i weight 220 pounds (100kg)
    yesterday , i took a look on the balance and saw that i allready lost nearly 2 pounds , not that good ?
    ive got also some headache , starts mostely around noone , when i do nothing its ok , but when i get some activity like walking up the stairs or just bending over , my head begins to bounce really bad , its a serous headache for some minutes and then it fades away
    is this happening because im too low on calories or something else ??
    I also cant get tuna down my troath , for proteins i only like meat , no fisch , is there no other substitute ? cuz all that chicken and those milkshakes cost me allot of money
    just a question

    Thx for the help , this is really a great board , keeps us going

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    mmm.....what exactly is your diet now?

    the headaches might be because your calories are too low. or it might be that you are not getting enough carbs. post your diet for us to have a look. thnaks
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    I get those sometimes too........ I'll have a slight headache on and off throughout the day, and then as soon as I start running it begins pounding and throbbing..

    And yes, I think it's from calories being too low.

    On days when I eat very little, I get really bad headaches but they don't usually set on until at night.

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    Two main causes for headaches are lack of sleep and lack of carbs. (for me at least)
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    headache is over now
    thinks it has been the switch from normal/junk food to healthy food that caused it

    thanks for the reply anyways


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